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My name is Meg Wethington and I have been consciously co-creating the unity in our community here in New Bern for over a decade. I am the owner, founder, creator and facilitator of Meg’s List and the New Bern Good News: an online and very real community of over 6k people (and growing!) that have chosen to be part of something extraordinary: building and living in a community of stewardship committed to bringing out the best in our families, neighbors, and friends not just now, but in the years to come.

I started my work here in New Bern in the medical field setting appointments for all of the doctors and PAs at the old New Bern Family Practice when it was back beside the hospital behind the old Sonic. I worked behind that desk for the first year I was here and made many valuable and long time friends.

I then found MJs Raw Bar and Grille and worked there on and off managing and bartending for about six years earning the New Bern Sun Journals People’s Choice Awards Best Bartender in Town for 2 years in a row. I left F&B to focus on my writing and wrote a book of poetry called “Honest Living”, published several poems, and won a few awards. I worked with the Cogs and Wheels project performing poetry and dance at the City Laundry. I started the Nexus Poets, the Bohemian Artists of New Bern, ArtCrawl, and non profits Community Artist Will and Folks Foundation. I returned to the bar scene to open up The Brown Pelican which has served as a launch pad and venue for many New Bern community projects.

I have participated in and provided opportunities, venues, and publications for fledgling artists and musicians and helped establish them within our community and beyond. I have created programming for the Downtown Council and Swiss Bear such as the Witches Ride that takes place every October and rotating arts and music weekends programming called The Saturday Sessions during the summer. I have supported local nonprofits by performing in fundraisers for Colorfest and created an opportunity with other local artists to Build a Home for Holidays for Habitat for Humanity.

During Florence, I coordinated clean up efforts all over the county in conjunction with area community leaders and spearheaded efforts to raise funds for local organizations to assist in hurricane relief.

I have my own business called Corners of Eden, Inc: I use natural plant arrangements to create self sustaining systems of growth utilizing custom, native, organic elements best suited to the environment. My company sets aside 10% of the profit from each job into the Eden Elsewhere Projects: a gift of beauty I give back to the community in a spot that just really needs it.

It is my pleasure to be of service.

Meg Wethington

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