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The New Bern Good News is a celebration of local life, services and skills emphasizing the impact of individual acts of community stewardship.

The businesses and people that comprise Meg’s List have found ways to implement community outreach and service into their business models. This is the very foundation on which the New Bern Good News Meg’s List stands: It’s one thing to be in business. It’s another thing altogether to be in service.

Meg’s List is a living document of reputable businesses and people that not only do business in the community of New Bern, NC (and beyond) but that have found a way to give back: many times without recognition. But there’s those businesses we all know and love and come to rely on, like Ghent Sandwich Shop, who has been a local New Bern staple business who hosts Hot Hamburger Plate nights every Friday night for a good cause since way before The Good News even begun. New Bern is blessed to have already had many businesses who exemplify the “New Bern Spirit” and have paved the way for the incredible sense of community that is New Bern, NC.

The New Bern Good News seeks to uplift and uphold these values and to shine a light on the who, what, when because we already know the why.

Hearts of service in action beat strong in New Bern, NC.

The Good News is You.

Telly Ipock
Meg Wethington

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