Bike Box Project was funded by Bethany Richards to raise awareness and funds for local needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Finding out years ago that my father has Parkinson’s Disease, I attached a donation box to my bicycle and began pedaling towards a cure. After only 4 years, Bike Box Project became an official non-profit and has raised over $300,000!

In 2020, we joined forces with a local gym and began hosting Rock Steady Boxing… a beneficial fitness class that allows people with PD to FIGHT BACK! With much growth and support from our community, we recently moved into our very own gym and headquarters for Bike Box Project in August 2022!

Our goal is to continue to host fundraisers, events, and Rock Steady Boxing, as well as pedal to every small town USA – spreading awareness and raising money to support people in the community with PD and to help fund research to eliminate PD.”

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