Cork Wine Bar and Bistro is an intimate wine bar and bistro located in Downtown, New Bern, specializing in small vintner / family owned boutique wineries and Italian/American inspired dishe.

A word from the owner:

We want people to feel as if they are stepping into our home with our food and friendly atmosphere. It is important to us to remain intimate and “old school” so to speak… we do not have online reservations as I want to talk to people to have a personal touch.


Our food is based on our upbringing, particularly Mike’s, with his family being of Sicilian descent. It is simple, fresh and high quality. The Wines are focused on small vintner, organic and biodynamic in order to set us apart. Most everything is old world and not able to be found in the grocery. It makes it special! We are working on creating a deli/retail presence as well for grab and go items… meats, cheeses, prepared salads, crackers, jams, tea towels etc… You get the picture. Also, we currently have a small retail wine selection at the moment.

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