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  • Price: $15 each (shipping & handling included)
  • Size:  .875
  • Shape: round
  • Material: metal 
Let everyone know the Good News is You with our New Bern Good News logo lapel pin! The NBGN logo lapel pin is your exclusive invitation and passport to NBGN and Meg’s List merchant events, games, and prizes.
Meg’s List merchants are easily identifiable by the NBGN logo sticker on their doors.
Meg’s List business owners/staff will have golden brick lapel pins that echo your sentiment and say “New Bern Good News” flanked by the onyx NBGN bear. These are very special gifts given by the NBGN to Meg’s List merchants showing our appreciation and signaling the business you have entered is part of our ever growing New Bern Good News family. The good news IS you 🥳
*Logo pin wearers will be able to “Follow the yellow bricks” along the “Golden Road” of New Bern and beyond. If you or your business would like to participate in the Golden Road send us an email to find out how:


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